Thursday, April 10, 2014

Spotify for Android - Free Access to a World of Music on Spotify

Spotify App
Spotify App for Android gives you millions of songs at your fingertips. The artists you love, the latest hits, and new discoveries just for you. Hit play to stream anything you like.
You could find playlist for every moment, create and take your playlist with you, get closer to your music heroes and shuffle music on your phone.
Get Everything you want from music.

App features:
  • Play your favourite artists.
  • Take your playlists with you.
  • Just pick the perfect playlist.
  • This is not a trial, folks. You can always listen for free.
Spotify App

What's new in Spotify v0.7.9.1169?
  1. New: Follow people from your Profile. Tap the friends icon to find people, and discover what they’re listening to. You can also see what they’re listening to in your Discover view.
  2. New: Long press to delete previously played stations in Radio.
  3. New: Your list of playlists now features pretty images.
  4. Fictitious: This app now features a removable helmet and detachable hands.

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