Thursday, November 20, 2014

Premium Accounts November 20

Premium Accounts for Jdownloader Beta 2.
+ 1000 + premium accounts. 1 file only. 


UnHackMe 7.50 Build 450

UnHackMe is specially designed to detect and remove Rootkits but also removes other forms of malware from Worms to Trojans and so on. A rootkit is a program that a hacker uses to mask intrusion and obtain administrator-level access to a computer or computer network. The intruder installs a rootkit on a computer using a user action, by exploiting a known vulnerability or cracking a password. The rootkit installs a backdoor giving the hacker full control of the computer. It hides their files, registry keys, process names, and network connections from your eyes. Your antivirus can not detect such programs because they use compression and encryption of its files so that's where UnHackMe comes into play as it allows you to detect and remove them.

  • Changes in 7.50 Build 450:
  • Major update of malware scanning engine.
  • Enhanced detection and removal of digitally signed malware
  • Improved detection ratio.
  • Fixed: AdWare.PriceChop(,, pctrunner, pup.optional.booster.a, maintainer.exe, clipcnv.dll, Trojan Siggen4, salus.exe, obupdat.exe, venteero, sysapcrt.dll:Toolbar.SearchSuite.
  • Windows 8.1 Compatible.

Kelly Brook - 2015 Calendar

The gorgeous Kelly Brook is back with her sizzling new 2015 Calendar.

English | 13 pages | PDF | 33.1 MB

The Hackers Manual 2015

Over 80 hacking tutorials to get your teeth into! Networking – dive into the protocols, build a network and analyse your traffic. Sysadmin – harness the power of Docker and learn time-saving terminal tricks. Hacking – get a full Linux OS on your phone and hack your distro for speed. Privacy – give The Man the slip and protect your privacy with our help.

Size: 79.5 MB -- Format: PDF -- Pages: 146

Simoni Racing – Official Erotic Calendar 2015

Simoni Racing presents the calendar 2015.

English | 16 pages | PDF | 16 MB

Dream Girls – Official Erotic Calendar 2015

Dream Girls presents the 2015 official erotic calendar!

English | 13 pages | PDF | 10.53 MB

Wednesday, November 19, 2014