Wednesday, August 14, 2013

FarStone RestoreIT 2013 8.1 Build 20130603 / 20130605

RestoreIT is a new and powerful innovation designed to instantly restore and recover your entire PC in 2 minutes for simple and effortless recovery. Based on FarStone’s patented “System Recovery” technology, RestoreIT is a powerful innovation designed to recover your entire Windows in 60-second for an effortless recovery from virus or any disaster. RestoreIT enables you to instantly recover files, remove viruses, or restore a crashed Windows by literally taking a hard drive snapshot of your entire system. A snapshot creation takes less than 5 seconds.

All Features List

Fix your computer in a snap!
Restore your entire Windows to a snapshot with only one-click.

Restore a Crashed Windows System in a Snap
RestoreIT can perform a bare-metal full-system restore in just a 2 minutes. No need to re-install Windows, or any applications.

Password Protection
Prevent unauthorized person to access to RestoreIT® 2013

Continuous Data Protect (CDP)
Continuously monitor changes to your hard drive, backup only the changed sectors right before it is changed

Hot-key Recovery Environment
Roll your system back to normal with the touch of a hotkey!

Restore everything
Restore all files, registry, Windows system files, settings and applications

Restore individual files
Search files in a snapshot, and restore individual files without restoring the entire Windows

Remove virus
Repair Windows and remove virus and malware

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